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Parkston Ampride C-Store

We remodeled in 2016 and put in above ground tanks, added high flow diesel dispensers, DEF at the pump and a canopy over our diesel pumps. Blender pumps are a new addition to our gas island- now offering E-85, E-20,E-30 as well as our UNL 91 and E10

























  AMPRIDE, conveniently located just off Highway 37 and 44 in Parkston, offers everything you need to get on the road or just

grab lunch!


We offer:

Fueling stations for both passenger vehicles and large diesel trucks

High Flow diesel Dispensers

DEF at the pump

PREM. UNL 91 and E10

Blender pumps –E-85, E-20, E30 products

24-hour pay at the pump

Walk in Beer cave

Godfather Pizza Express located inside

Subs and Burgers

The Junction Bakery, provides a variety of homemade goodies – baked fresh daily

Caramel and Cinnamon Rolls


Hamburger and hot dog buns baked daily

Hunting /Fishing Licenses

Lottery tickets



6:00am-11pm Monday through Friday

6:00am-11pm Saturday and Sunday


Phone Number: 605-928-7543

                  Deli:  605-928-7553


Don't forget to stop in for some delicious caramel rolls!!

Location: 905 W Hwy 44, Parkston, SD 57366

Meet Our Ampride Staff:

Diana Holden

Diana began her career at Agland Coop in April 1990 as part time help at Agland Quik Stop, now known as AMPRIDE. Diana holds the title of  Manager at the AMPRIDE fueling center.  

Diana attended Mitchell Technical Institute for Business / Office.

She and her husband Jack have two sons, Jacob and Lucas.

Diana can be reached at 605-928-7543, 605-770-7738 or Dianah@aglandsd.com

Norma Lippert

Norma Lippert started at AMPRIDE in August 1997 as a clerk.  She is now the Deli Manager, a position she has held since 2002.  Norma had 12 years of experience in retail before joining the Agland team.  Norma was born and raised with two brothers and four sisters in North Dakota.  She graduated from Tolna (ND) High School.  Norma and her husband have four children, Chad, Michelle and husband Jeff, Kayla and husband Jon, and Jordyn.  They also have two grandchildren.

Rhonda Boehmer

Rhonda Boehmer has been a sales clerk at AMPRIDE since September 2009.  Prior to joining the AMPRIDE team, Rhonda accumulated 18 years of experience working in retail and food service.  She graduated from Parkston High School.  Rhonda is married with two children and five grandchildren.

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