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Agland offers a wide variety of feed products to suit your every need.  From pet food to bulk deliveries for large cattle operations, we do it all! 


Ask us about:

-Bagged feed for cattle, hogs, sheep, equine, poultry, cats and dogs

-Bulk and Bagged Delivery with minimum purchase

-Preferred dealer of Ritchie Water Systems for livestock and horses

-Offering quality Purina feed and Rangeland Mineral Tubs



7:30am-5pm Monday through Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Phone: 605-928-3381


You can find out more about what Agland Feed Services can do for you by clicking the links at left or below:






Now Available at Agland Coop….

Land O’ Lakes Colostrum Replacement. 

Click here for more information

Creep Feeders Available Through Agland

Creep feeders are available for rental or purchase through Agland Coop. Contact Jared at 928-3381 for more information.

bull nutrition

On Feed- bull nutrition March.pdf
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the silver bullet

On Feed- silver bullet yeast v MOS vl.pd[...]
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ready for pre-season?

On Feed- pre-season Jan.pdf
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a look behind

On Feed- a look behind Dec.pdf
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preparing for next calf crop

On Feed- preparing for the next calf cro[...]
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backgrounding and bunk sheets

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investing in your calves

On Feed- investing in your calves- Sept.[...]
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fall grazing

On Feed- fall grazing.pdf
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heat stress

On Feed- heat stress- June.pdf
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pasture management

On Feed- pasture management.pdf
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high mag season

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Bull nutrition

On Feed- bull nutrition.pdf
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a difference you can see

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On Feed- calving- Jan 18.pdf
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Control Horn Flies with Altosid IGR

Agland Coop carries Rangeland Mineral Tubs with Altosid and Pro Phos 8 Mineral with Altosid for fly control.  Click here to read more about Altosid and Horn Flies.

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