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Armour Station Specials

Free cup of coffee with gas fill

20 oz. Pepsi products 3 for $3.00
Check out the selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches


Ethan Station Specials

Tuesday and Wednesday are Home Cookin' days at the Ethan Station.  Stop in for lunch and see what Lisa and Jim have cooked up.  Whether it's one of Lisa's homemade soups, meat hot off the grill or a homemade casserole, you'll leave satisfied!  Serving from 11:30 to 1:30.

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heat stress

On Feed- heat stress- June.pdf
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pasture management

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high mag season

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Bull nutrition

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a difference you can see

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grazing stalks

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On Feed- silage season- August.pdf
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nitrates and drought

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Mother Nature

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 Fly control

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on feed - how hot is too hot?

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Winter Cattle Care

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VFD form.pdf
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On feed - beating a dead horse... vfd's

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Fetal programming

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Attitude is Everything

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upcoming veterinary feed directive

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On feed - intake issues

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Agland offers a wide variety of feed products to suit your every need.  From pet food to bulk deliveries for large cattle operations, we do it all! 


Ask us about:

-Bagged feed for cattle, hogs, sheep, equine, poultry, cats and dogs

-Bulk and Bagged Delivery with minimum purchase

-Preferred dealer of Ritchie Water Systems for livestock and horses

-Offering quality Land o'Lakes feed and Rangeland Mineral Tubs



7:30am-5pm Monday through Friday

7:30am-12pm Saturday

Closed Sunday


Phone: 605-928-3381


You can find out more about what Agland Feed Services can do for you by clicking the links at left or below:


Control Horn Flies with Altosid IGR

Agland Coop carries Rangeland Mineral Tubs with Altosid and Pro Phos 8 Mineral with Altosid for fly control.  Click here to read more about Altosid and Horn Flies.

Creep Feeders Available Through Agland

Creep feeders are available for rental or purchase through Agland Coop. Contact John at 928-3381 for more information.





Now Available at Agland Coop….

Land O’ Lakes Colostrum Replacement. 

Click here for more information

check out these websites for feed information

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