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Our Agronomy Staff

A & D Agronomy Staff:

Operations Manager Todd Kludt

Todd has been working in Ag retail since he graduated from Lake area tech in 1993. Since then he has worked in many different rolls within the Ag community, along with his wife Heidi and his 2 daughters; Samantha (senior) and Sadie (junior) at Mitchell High school. In his free time Todd and his wife enjoy watching their girls play volleyball and hockey. They also enjoy camping and spending time in the Black Hills.

Parkston Agronomy Staff:

Jarett Munneke

Jarett graduated from SDSU in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and a double minor in precision ag and pest management. Jarett has been with Agland since May of 2016 as a sales agronomist at Agland Coop. Jarett is fluent with  MZB, ADMS, and SMS for variable rate seed and fertilizer to service customer needs.  His wife Stacie is a registered nurse at Avera New Hope, in Wagner SD.  When not at work, Jarett enjoys spending time with his wife, playing with the dogs, working out in in his shop as well as  hunting, fishing, and golf.  

Jarett can be reached at jarett@aglandsd.com 605-928-3627 or 605-680-0078. 


Aaron Weber

Aaron grew up west of Parkston, where he farms with his dad. 

Aaron Went to Parkston High School and graduated in 2014,

In 2016 Aaron graduated from Mitchell Technical Institute with a degree in Ag Technology.

In his free time Aaron likes to go driving around to check  crops and livestock.  

Aaron can be reached at aaron@aglandsd.com or 605-680-3232.

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