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History of Agland Cooperative

Timeline History of Agland Cooperative


1939 State Charter
1946 Propane sales added to product line up
1949 Bulk fuel truck and delivery driver added in Ethan area
1957 Stickney branch purchased
1958 Delmont petroleum branch added
1962 Armour station and Delmont hardware store added.
1963 New office building/shop in Parkston dedicated.
1964 Ethan station purchased.
1968 Name change from Parkston Cooperative Assn. to Agland Coop.
1972 Sold Stickney station.
1974 Grand opening of new station in Armour.
1984 Tore down old creamery in Parkston, put up new administrative warehouse.
1986 Puchased Ritter Implement property, started chemical warehouse for Farmland, Inc.
1987 C-store opened in Ethan
1990 Parkston Quik Stop opened
1993 Parkston Quik Stop remodeled and renamed AMPRIDE.  
1997 New Parkston Fertilizer Plant built
1998 Pizza and Sub Sandwiches added at AMPRIDE
2004 Storage addition built at Parkston Fertilizer Plant
2006 A&D Fertilizer Plant built
2006 Bought Bigge Oil
2007 Added Godfather's Pizza at AMPRIDE
2008 Refined Fuel Plant built in Parkston
2009 Sold Farmland Chemical Warehouse


Seed Warehouse addition at A/D Ag Facility
2015 Ranco D/W Dry Blender Upgrade at Parkston Ag.

Major Upgrade at Ampride. 48,000 Gal Above Ground Storage, Parkston's First Blender Pumps Offering Higher E- Blends, High Speed Diesel and DEF.

2018 Added 30,000 Gallon Propane Storage at Parkston
2018 Added 1,100 Ton Dry Storage onto Parkston fertilizer facility
2018 Added 2019 5300 Gal. Freightliner Propane bobtail
General Managers of Agland Coop
1939-1943 Otto Tiede
1943-1953 Greg T. Schladweiler
1953-1954 Harry Thomas
1954-1967 Greg T. Schladweiler
1967-1969 Harlan Hagen
1969-1972 Henry Mancini
1972-1978 Don Hanna
1978-1981 Ron Vanden Berge
1981-1983 Lonnie Sackschewsky
1983-1993 Gail Sperlich
1993-1996 Mike Schwindler
1996-1997 Paul Slosher
1997-2002 Gary Boettcher
2002-2012 Gary Radel


Candyce Kotalik


Bill Pape

2020-Present Mark Endres


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